How to create your wedding guest list

Lists. We do them all the time, right? However, making your wedding guest list more complex than writing your shopping list, but much more magical and glamorous.

The guest list, despite being a really personal task between the bride and the groom, can be overwhelming and can easily get out of control. After all, he is choosing who wants to witness this extraordinary new beginning.

Do the math!

The number of attendees at your wedding should be proportional to the general budget. Try adjusting the number of guests before cutting those extra dream details and avoid cost savings at: the place, the catering / alcohol, DJ and, of course … photography, to ensure that the real moments are captured correctly! These are the «basic» wedding services.

Do children raise the cost of a wedding? They could, but it really depends on the amount of comfort you are willing to offer parents and the relationship you have with them. The banquet for children is not so expensive and it is not a small facility for children’s entertainment, but babysitting services in hotels can be very expensive.

Start writing / writing!

We have a budget, a number of guests, now we are going to include some categories in the mix. A great tip to create your categories is to visualize the distribution of the table on your wedding day. Suppose you have your family, your university friends, bridesmaids, childhood friends, etc .: your categories must match the name of the table. This is also useful for the wedding planner, since she knows exactly where to look for who in case of emergency.

Weddings celebrate not only the union of two people, but also that of two families. Some families are larger than others and it is rare to find couples who choose to invite an equal number of guests (50/50), so make separate lists and then join them.

Edit your wedding guest list

The names will normally appear in your head in order of importance, adjust them if necessary and set aside the lower names (but do not discard them completely).
RSVP, please!

Some of our dear couples choose to have an engagement photo session; These photos then serve as invitations to «Save the date». Our wedding planners advise sending it 6 months before the date of your destination wedding. Sometimes, you will even receive an immediate verbal confirmation, you may want to request a more formal confirmation just to make sure. Do not let the emotion of the proposal make you give verbal invitations to people who are not 100% sure to invite (Oops!).

For guests who are not sure to attend, request confirmation again 3 months after the initial «Save the date» invitations and then, 1 month later.

Second round of invitations

Now that we know who from our original list unfortunately will not be able to attend the wedding, we can start adding the so-called “backup” guests, who actually represent friends or relatives not so close (the names we put aside before). This «second round of invitations» may seem offensive, but don’t worry!

You would also like to consider …

«Plus one»

Destination weddings can be the perfect excuse for a short vacation, and like any other vacation, it involves much more than dressing: plane, hotel, finding someone to feed your dog and watering your plants while you are away … you Understand the point Advise your guests to find one more that makes this experience much more enjoyable. Also, remember to be very specific about the number of attendees per invitation. It is always ideal to consider your guest with that additional person (which is already considered within the total number of guests), unless, of course, you are completely sure that he / she will feel comfortable attending alone.

As you can see, it’s about the details! That is why the accompaniment of a wedding planner is so valuable, they not only offer their experience, knowledge of the destination of their dream wedding and special attention to each and every one of their guests; But they also make the whole experience even more enjoyable! The guest list should be presented as a team work, challenging and fun for the couple. Enjoy EVERY SECOND of the process, everything will be fine at the end of the day.

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